Healthy keys

The only app in the world to show you what your child actually eats at school!

Healthy Keys

Healthy Keys shakes up school canteens for the better thanks to a custom tray and a mobile app that connects children, parents and school canteens…

the HK tray

Designed to accommodate recommended portions for elementary school-aged children, the custom designed tray streamlines self-service and helps effectively reduce food waste.

the HK app

Thanks to the mobile app, the canteen staff shares a picture of the daily meal presented to the children and an individual “end of meal” photo, along with the lunch key nutritional values.

3 facts that inspired us to create Healthy Keys


The lack of tools and innovations…
– – – – – –

…to transform the school lunch experience into a fun and educational moment.


The lack of children’s knowledge…

– – – – – –

…on the subjects of well-being and nutrition, although they are sensitive to it and develop their palate between 5 and 10.


The absence of awareness and the weight of food waste…

– – – – – –

…in collective restaurants, which go against society’s growing desire to implement healthy eating habits and to reduce our impact on the environment.

A new canteen experience is coming !

Healthy Keys revolutionizes the school canteen modele so it becomes:

How ?

Healthy Keys turns the canteen into an educational space, enhancing processes  improving transparency and informing families daily about what is being consumed at school, quantity and quality wise.

Parents receive daily pictures of the meal served along with key nutritional values focused on the 5 main food groups.

A simple swipe right on that meal picture gives parents access to their children “end of meal” picture.

They can therefore visualize what was left over in the tray before clean up.

Healthy Keys offers in-depth educational support, easy implementation, advanced resources and tools to invent the canteen of tomorrow. Here are the user benefits:


Daily personalized visuals of your child's canteen meals.

Content to educate the family about healthy eating habits.


A more fun canteen experience and a positive interaction with technology.

Palate discovery and access to wellness and nutrition knowledge.


Food waste reduction along with foodstuffs and resources optimization.

Improved quality communication directly with families.

Healthy Keys helps transform the canteen with attractive technology while optimizing operations, reducing food waste and introducing a new direct and transparent communication with families.

The city of Mougins is Beta testing Healthy Keys

The experiment is taking place in an elementary school in the city of Mougins (Alpes Maritimes, France). Our beta testers are 30 volunteer children along with their families, ages 6 to 8, enrolled in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. The test has been running for 8 weeks and resumes in September 2021.

The experience helped identified HK’s core strengths:

Delivering daily visuals about the lunch menu improves the way families perceives school canteen.

The program implementation significantly reduces food waste.

Using the HK tray reduces prep and clean-up handling tasks, and reduces water use by 30%.


The Healthy Keys admin helps coordinate canteen management work effectively.

Producing visual reports on meals and operations help canteens improve their meals data sheets and therefore boost quality.

Reducing food waste means that resources are available to support regulatory compliance which, for example, requires an increase of organic products sourcing and vegetarian meals in canteens (EGALIM Law)

The key numbers

of food ends up in the trash today
less food waste thanks to Healthy Keys
less handling operations with the Healthy Keys tray

In 2021, Healthy Keys is renewing tests in Mougins and expanding in other cities located in the South of France.

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